Kuri fits right into your home. Browse our videos to learn all about our cheerful, helpful little hero, from his origin story to the technology inside.

  • Kuri can do a lot of helpful things around your home. These videos highlight some of the things that Kuri doesn't do that can be just as important (and, to be honest, a bit entertaining too).

  • Some of the most interesting and informative media videos about Kuri, all in one place!

  • These short vignettes from a not-so-distant future show how normal it will look and feel to have a robot like Kuri around the home.

  • Kids & Kuri

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    Even though Kuri is a highly advanced and complex robot, she’s still so friendly that kids instantly make a new friend.

  • Hear first-hand from members of Kuri’s team about the challenges and excitement of working together to bring Kuri into homes like yours.

  • See detailed views of the outside and inside of our adorable home robot.