Kuri the Robot's Team

At Mayfield Robotics, we're a diverse, driven, and highly motivated crew of robotics engineers, developers, designers, and visionaries. Learn about our team and what drives us below. If you're interested in joining our journey, click here.

  • Mike Beebe, CEO

    Mike Beebe discusses the origins of Mayfield Robotics, and what brought him together with Sarah and Kaijen to explore and define the future of home robots.

  • Kaijen Hsiao, CTO

    Kaijen Hsiao talks about her extensive background in leading edge robotics research and explains Kuri's unique position in the home robotics space.

  • Sarah Osentoski, COO

    Hear Sarah share her expertise in designing and developing robots with personality, so they can be not only useful, but also joyful, and inspiring.

  • Ben Kearns, VP of Software

    A 20+ year veteran in software design, Ben discusses the exciting prospect of helpful robots that blend seamlessly into our current lives and the software that makes it possible.

  • Jason Umhoefer, VP of Hardware

    Jason's long history in developing and shipping complex and highly technological products is essential to our vision of designing great home robots and ensuring they ship to customers.