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Kuri's Team Interviews

Hear the Kuri Team discuss the vision and inspiration behind bringing Kuri to life.

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    Mike Beebe, CEO

    Mike discusses the origins of Mayfield Robotics and the guiding principles the Kuri team follows in developing a home robot that is joyful, useful, and inspiring.

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    Sarah Osentoski, COO

    Sarah explains Kuri’s unique and exciting “utilitainment” position as a home robot and speaks about the importance of designing the personality that brings Kuri to life.

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    Kaijen Hsiao, CTO

    Kaijen discusses the wide-ranging robotics experience Kuri’s team possesses in many types of robots, and talks about Kuri’s most expressive and compelling feature.

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    Ben Kearns, VP Software

    Ben speaks about the exciting prospect of home robots that blend seamlessly into our lives and the software that makes the magic possible.

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    Jason Umhoefer, VP Hardware

    Jason describes the unique multi-disciplinary challenges inherent in building a robot in general, and a home robot in particular.