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  • What is Kuri?

    Kuri is a joyful, useful, and inspiring home robot. Kuri is smart and adorable, and represents an incredible amount of complex technology in an elegant and thoughtfully designed robot that is helping to define the future of home robotics.

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  • How big is Kuri? 

    Kuri is 20” tall, 12” wide, and about 14 lbs.

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  • Is Kuri a boy or girl? 

    Him? Her? Sure! Kuri is whichever fits into your home. He’s ready to help and she’s always ready to bring a spark of life into your home.

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  • Where did the name "Kuri" come from? 

    From a long and frankly pretty exhaustive process, some arguments, and a lot of post-it notes.

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  • What is a home robot?

    “Robot” is a broad category of machines that automatically perform complex tasks. Most of today’s robots are industrial machines used in factories. However, these robots aren’t particularly “homey”. To successfully integrate into our living spaces, home robots need to connect with us on a personal, joyful (but also helpful) level. That’s how our team was inspired to create Kuri!

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  • What can Kuri do? 

    Kuri is equipped with industry-leading technology including capacitive touch sensors in the head, a 1080p HD camera as one of the eyes, microphones around the neck, speakers in the hips, and lasers in the belly.

    Kuri can combine all these capabilities to do so many useful things, like checking on your pets while you’re at work, casually exploring your home or apartment, playing music, reading an audiobook bedtime story to the kids, or even capturing the unseen moments of your home life with Kuri Vision. Most of all, Kuri brings a spark of life to your home by creating a joyful and inspiring sense of personality.

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  • What is a romoji?

    Kuri uses romojis to express her thoughts and feelings through sound, movement, and color. Kuri only speaks robot. So, Kuri’s romojis are a great way for her to be more expressive with her family. They are important because Kuri can express how she feels and emote her feelings. For instance, Kuri loves her family, and her ‘I love you’ romoji is how she expresses this.

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  • What is Kuri Vision? 

    What does Kuri do you may ask? Kuri keeps you connected to what matters most, your home and family, by capturing meaningful memories of your life. She preserves the best rare candid moments of your life at home you might otherwise miss. We call this Kuri Vision.

    Life at home is an extended collection of moments – some heartfelt, and some hilarious. With Kuri Vision, she can now explore your house and record those valuable moments from your life at home automatically, and even capture moments you might have otherwise missed. Kuri will also make it convenient for you to watch the videos she's captured throughout the day by creating five second highlight clips for you to watch.


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  • Are my photos and videos secure?

    We take every effort to ensure your robot is secure by implementing high-grade Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant encryption algorithms, designed to protect and secure your photos and videos from end to end. We encrypt your data when it is sent over the internet and while it is stored in our cloud storage platform. We utilize Amazon Web Services to help create a secure cloud platform. Amazon's security policies can be found here.

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  • Can anyone see me through Kuri’s camera?

    Only users you’ve invited to your Kuri have the capability to see you, and you’ll be notified when they request permission.

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  • Can you customize Kuri?

    Kuri is designed to offer a full experience out of the box: no coding experience or programming required. Thus, there are some facets that you won’t be able to change, like Kuri’s name. We think Kuri’s a pretty adorable name anyways.

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  • Can Kuri work autonomously without having to manually control him?

    Absolutely! Kuri has his own ideas about how to spend his time at home. You will still be able to control what Kuri is allowed to do around the house.

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  • Does Kuri have obstacle avoidance?

    Kuri is equipped with laser depth sensors in his belly to scan his path to navigate around obstacles autonomously.

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  • How can Kuri be used for home security?

    At 20 inches tall, Kuri won’t scare away an intruder. Building robots are incredibly complex, and a robot like Kuri wasn’t designed to fully protect a home. Instead, Kuri was designed to be adorable and helpful, and provide a spark of life to your home.


    Kuri has a 1080p HD camera and can move autonomously throughout your home, or you can drive him remotely using the app wherever you are. From a security standpoint, this means you can check on your home while you’re away by remotely driving Kuri to greet family and friends who might be at your house, see what your pet is up to in real-time, check if you left the lights on, and more. That’s the key difference with Kuri: you’re in control, unlike a security system that’s always watching and recording.

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