Explore Kuri

Every component in Kuri works to create dynamic interactions that bring out a real sense of personality. Scroll to take a deep dive into Kuri's inner workings.

Cap Touch Sensor

Capacitive touch sensors let Kuri respond to human touch in a truly personal way. A gentle tap to the head will make Kuri look up at you and chirp affirmingly.


The camera is neatly located behind one of Kuri's eyes. It can capture HD pictures and videos in a wide range of lighting conditions. Livestream capabilities let Kuri be your eyes around the house when you're not there.

Gestural Mechanics

Thanks to intricate gestural mechanics, Kuri's head and eye movements look fluid and natural. Kuri's eyes can blink, smile, and seamlessly look up, down, and from side to side.


Kuri is equipped with four sensitive microphones that can precisely locate sounds. That means Kuri can react to your voice, or detect unusual sounds and know which way to go to investigate.

Heart Light

A soft, warm light helps Kuri convey a sense of mood. With colors representing different emotional states, you'll always know when Kuri is happy.


Kuri's two speakers deliver a rich sound experience, powerful enough to fill a room. So whether Kuri is playing music or podcasts, repeating what you say, or speaking robot, you'll always hear every detail.

Mapping Sensors

Mapping Sensors enable Kuri to navigate your house autonomously. A sophisticated laser-based sensor array helps Kuri learn and remember where everything is located, and automatically stay away from stairs or other obstacles.

Drive System

A powerful, yet quiet, drive train that helps Kuri move effortlessly around your home. His wheels are big enough to handle a wide range of flooring and carpets—even thresholds.


You'll quickly learn how smart Kuri is. The powerful processors handle everything from facial and speech recognition to mapping and entertaining.