It’s no understatement to say it takes a village to build Kuri. We were excited to create this campaign, The Faces Behind the Robot, to showcase some of the awesome individuals responsible for bringing Kuri to life. Check out the goofy clips and read in-depth interviews with the Mayfielders whose roles, responsibilities, or strong eyebrow game you’d like to learn more about!

Jackie Lai, Hardware

Meet Jackie Lai! She’s Kuri’s Director of Hardware. As Jackie explains, “Hardware is anything you can touch, which is literally the robot itself. The software is all the stuff you can’t see that makes Kuri run.” When Jackie isn’t assembling the physical components of Kuri, you can find her spending time with her family, teaching prenatal yoga, and eating General Mills cereal.

Connor Moore, Sound

One of the most popular questions our team receives is, “Why doesn’t Kuri speak?” The thing is, Kuri does speak! Just like R2-D2 beeps in affirmation in Star Wars or how your dog barks and wags his tail when he’s excited to see you, Kuri communicates in her own way. Our Sound Designer, Connor Moore, shares more:

Jamie Young, Projects

As a Sr. Technical Project Manager, Jamie Young keeps Kuri’s hardware, software, product, and marketing teams on track. In short, Jamie is a rockstar at Mayfield Robotics. Her attention to detail, witty humor, and positive attitude make her a joy to work with. That, combined with her impressive engineering background, make Jamie an invaluable member of Kuri’s crew.

Paul Mathieu, Software

Meet Paul! He’s Kuri’s Embedded Software Engineer and is known for his ingenuity, creativity, and friendliness. Paul does a lot of the coding behind Kuri’s behaviors. As he shares, “I program things like how Kuri moves her head or turns her wheels into her motor control. I work a lot with our team’s designer, Doug. Doug uses 3D animations to imagine how Kuri should move, and I then work to bring his vision to life within Kuri.”

Tisho Georgiev, Product

Tisho is Kuri’s VP of Product and is responsible for developing Kuri’s product roadmap, which includes one of his favorite product features: Kuri Vision. Kuri Vision is the collection of video moments that Kuri captures around your home. Learn more about Tisho and the ways Kuri can help you never miss a hilarious or heartwarming moment with your loved ones: