This week, Kuri and Mayfield Robotics are proudly supporting the 2017 8th Annual National Robotics Week!

Organized by the RoboWeek Advisory Council, National Robotics Week is a time to recognize robotics technology as a cornerstone of American innovation in the 21st century.

Top Four Goals of National Robotics Week include…

  • Celebrate the US as a leader in robotics technology development
  • Educate the public about how robotics technology impacts society, both now and in the future
  • Advocate for increased funding for robotics technology research and development
  • Inspire students of all ages to pursue careers in robotics and other Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-related fields

Kuri Home Robot Announced at CES

RoboWeek aims to increase public awareness of “robo-technology” by empowering a younger generation with the tools needed to understand the vast social and cultural impact robotics will have on the future of the United States, emphasizing the growing importance of robotics as an essential part of modern life.

Home robots like Kuri have a unique ability to inspire technical understanding and practical comprehension of high-level concepts to a very wide audience, while also making robots more friendly and approachable.

Want to join the fun, but don’t know how?

For a list of additional resources from the organizers of National Robotics Week, click HERE, or follow National Robotics week on Twitter (@roboweek and #roboweek) and Facebook (

Welcoming robo-collaborators of all kinds, audiences ranging from preschoolers to industry pros, and over 300 events and activities across the country, National Robotics Week 2017 promises to be the best year yet.