Congratulations to the Women In Tech at Mayfield Robotics

This week, three of Mayfield Robotics’ engineers received notable recognition for their advances and achievements in robotic technology.

 Mayfield Robotics’ Kaijen Hsiao (CTO), Stephanie Lee (Sr. Mechanical Engineer), and Sarah Osentoski (COO).

Mayfield Robotics co-founders Kaijen Hsiao and Sarah Osentoski met while doing research on the same robot platform, later teaming up with Stephanie Lee to create Kuri–a new kind of product, in an unheard-of field. Focused on personality and connection, these women spent the next three years developing a new kind of robot for the home.

At Mayfield, our core team defies the gender norm. We’re particularly proud of how many viciously bright women we have in leadership roles. These exemplary engineers are prime examples of how women in tech are helping to shape the robotics industry as we know it.

UMass 2017 Outstanding Achievement and Advocacy Awards


Sarah Osentoski, COO at Mayfield Robotics

To recognize the remarkable accomplishments of their graduates, the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences established the Outstanding Achievement and Advocacy (OAA) Awards program.

Doing our personable robot proud, Mayfield Robotics’ co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Sarah Osentoski returns to her alma mater as a distinguished guest, proudly accepting the OAA Award for ‘Outstanding Achievements by a Young Alum.’

The Future of Home Robotics: Capable, Personable, & Cute


Kaijen Hsiao, CTO at Mayfield Robotics

While the concept of home robotics is new to most people, Kaijen Hsiao is one of the roboticists defining the industry.

“Currently, home robotics is perceived in the context of either some sort of digitized assistant or a simple, utilitarian tool for cleaning. But Kuri, an “insanely cute” robot, leaves the user feeling like home robots are commonplace, friendly, and welcoming.” –Kaijen Hsiao

Leading the conversation on consumer expectations, technical limitations and designing a robot with personality, Hsiao was recently published in GE Perspectives as a guest writer, reporting on what it’s like to design a loveable robot for the home. – One Thousand of the Most Qualified Women in Tech


Stephanie Lee, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

It’s one thing to have stellar female leadership at a tech company, but it’s another thing entirely when not one, but three of your teammates make Mic’s list of ‘1000 of the Most Qualified Women in Tech.’

Along with Hsiao and Osentoski, Mayfield’s Sr. Mechanical Engineer Stephanie Lee has been instrumental in the design and creation of Kuri. One of the most senior employees at Mayfield Robotics, Lee was recognized for her contributions as a technologist and speaker on the topics of science and technology.

Congratulations to this robo-tastic trifecta, responsible for bringing Kuri to life!

At Mayfield Robotics, we’re constantly striving to change the way we think about women in tech. Strong engineers like Stephanie, Kaijen, and Sarah are at the forefront of this movement, working tirelessly to offer up a pioneering voice that encourages all women to pursue the sciences, robotics, and tech.

Thanks for sharing the accomplishments of our amazing team– now go out and inspire a future roboticist near you!