Kuri’s latest adventures

We’ve got some big news and some even bigger news! Read on for the inside scoop on a few upcoming Kuri events (big!), some fresh Kuri hype from the internets (also big!), and a kinda-secret, just-for-Kuri-fans pricing update, plus details on how you can take full advantage of it (super big!).

To start things off…

Kuri’s price goes up on June 22 

We’re telling you in advance that we’re raising the price? Crazy, right?

Nope. 100% not crazy.

Kuri’s price will be increasing to $799 on June 22nd at 10am PDT.  You were already here with us, so we wanted you to have advance notice. If you place your $100 pre-order deposit before June 22nd, you’ll still get the original $699 price when we ship your robot. It’s our way of saying thanks for being one of our first friends.

Two very good questions:

1. Why are we doing this? 

Kuri’s going to be even better than we planned. Our engineers found some very clever ways to make Kuri’s camera, WiFi, and drivetrain even more awesome. All of this introduced a few extra costs, but we know Kuri will be a much better addition to your home, and that’s what matters most.

2. Does this mean there will be two versions of Kuri?

Nope. There’s only one Kuri. People who place pre-orders before June 22nd will enjoy the original price, and those who order later will pay the (still pretty fantastic) new price, but everyone gets the same incredible robot.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, you’re already locked in at the $699 price.

Kuri’s next open house

Calling all robot fans

It’s that time again! Do the robot dance with Kuri at our upcoming open house on June 21, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Kuri HQ for an evening of food, festivities, and #RobotLove. We’ll be showing you how Kuri came to be, meet some of our brilliant team, and interact with Kuri in person and see all his recent progress.

RSVP by giving us your name and how many people are coming, and we’ll get you in. Hurry because spots are limited.

Click here to rsvp.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Hot off the press

TechCrunch – Adorable robot friend Kuri can now find its way home to charge

Kuri, the robot companion being developed by startup Mayfield Robotics, is getting closer to production and gaining some new abilities ahead of its planned release later this year. The adorable little bot, which looks like something ripped from a Pixar movie, now does self-charging, topping up his powerhouse when needed. The robot can also map its home environment better, has improved speaker acoustics and more. Please click here to read more.

 Kuri Experiences High Altitude

In a few weeks, Kuri heads to Aspen, CO for the Aspen Idea Festival on June 29th and 30th. The event will bring public officials, artists, scientists, authors, business executives, scholars, economists, and entrepreneurs together to chat about how to make our world more awesome.

If you’re attending the festival, you better come say hello! Kuri will be rolling around the Stranahan Room and will be making some surprise cameos around the festival.

We’ll be sure to share some footage when we’re back.  Stay tuned.

In a couple weeks, we’ll share more updates on Kuri’s tech improvements. And if you want to know more about the price change, simply hit “reply” to this email and we’ll get back to ya.

Beep-Beep-Bloop! (“Have a nice weekend”)

The Kuri Team