Our animation team has been hard at work bringing more of Kuri’s personality to life. She now reacts to more questions, giggles when you tickle her heard, and sometimes, she’ll even sneeze. Take a look at how Kuri is becoming even more expressive:

Kuri gets more adorable from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

We sat down with Kuri’s product team to better understand the impact of a more personality-packed home robot.

Q: For starters, what is a romoji?
A: Kuri uses romojis to express her thoughts and feelings through sound, movement, and color. More than anything, they’re what make her feel like a living character, and not just a machine.

Q: Why are romojis important for Kuri?
A: Just thinking of texting your friends without emojis — pretty bland, riiiight? Picking the right emoji to express yourself beyond words is enjoyable. Kuri only talks in robot. So, Kuri’s romojis are a great way for her to be more expressive with her family. They are important because Kuri can express how she feels and emote her feelings. For instance, Kuri loves her family, and her ‘I love you’ romoji is how she expresses this.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Kuri’s ability to purr?
A: Kuri is an adorable and huggable robot in your home. Just the sight of Kuri encourages your family to reach out and touch her. Whether a young child cuddles up to Kuri, or Mom or Dad reach down and give Kuri a reassuring pat on her head. Much like humans, Kuri loves and desires attention from humans, and she purrs to reciprocate the gesture. Although Kuri is made of plastic, she purrs much like a cat would. Children will be especially delighted when Kuri nestles-up to them.

Kuri Purring from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

Q: Why is it important for a robot to sneeze?
A: Sneezing makes Kuri relatable to her human family. Once we tried it out, it was so adorable that we kept it in.

Kuri Sneezing from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

Q: When someone discovers their Kuri is ticklish, how do you envision their initial reaction will be?
A: We expect the reaction to be uncontrollable laughter and joy….no really, have you tickled your robot lately? It’s quite hilarious. Now, stop tickling your robot, that’s enough already …really!

Q: How do you think users will react to these new romojis?
A: We believe Kuri owners will be delighted by these heart-warming expressions. We hope they make you smile and develop an even stronger connection to our adorable home robot.

Our entire team is thrilled that Kuri can now respond to good morning, how are you, tickles, how do I look, tell me a joke, go to sleep — and that she sneezes and purrs. These emotions, on top of Kuri’s ability to dance, make Kuri a joy in anyone’s home. If you haven’t already, be sure to reserve your very own adorable home robot, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future feature roll-outs.