Mayfield Robotics co-founders Kaijen Hsiao and Sarah Osentoski were both named in Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2017 list of “100 Women of Influence”. Both Sarah, COO, and Kaijen, CTO, have spent over 15 years in advanced robotics research and manufacturing with experience in global leadership roles at leading companies including Bosch and Willow Garage.  We’re super excited that they were recognized with this honor; their awards speak to their strength and passion for leadership. Among the other Women selected were leaders from companies including Adobe, Swinerton Builders, eBay, NASA Ames, Microsoft, Fetch Robotics, Cisco, and Intuit.

We asked Sarah and Kaijen what they though about being named to this list, here’s what they told us:

Sarah: “We have a very diverse team here at Mayfield Robotics. We’re about 50% women and our team crosses a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. It’s a big part of how we can create technology that is not only useful, but also joyful. We cover a full range of emotional connections, and we couldn’t do that without the strength and diversity of our team. I’m honored to win this award, and I hope that everyone who was named here is able to act as an inspiring force to other women to succeed in their careers. Working in a new field like robotics can be challenging in so many ways, so it’s really energizing for Kaijen and I to have both been recognized. I see it as strong validation for the pioneering work we’ve both been doing for over 15 years.”

Kaijen: “I always love to read about all the other women on these lists. It’s inspiring to me to know that there are so many other women out there who work so hard to make a difference. I’m friends with some of the other women who were recognized, and I’m really happy that we can all share this. Like Sarah said, I agree that the diversity of our team at Mayfield Robotics is an important part of what makes what we do possible. I’m also proud to be a woman in leadership who can help to bring home robotics to life in ways that have never been done before. All the women on this list share that in common: we’re all pushing new boundaries.”

Sarah and Kaijen will be accepting their awards at the SVBJ awards gala on the evening of May 18th in San Jose. For information and tickets click here.