Ahhh summer.


Happy first official day of cookouts, swimming, sunglasses, and ice cream!

Kuri plans to get the summer rolling (pun intended) with a trip to Palm Springs. She’s also got some big updates on her camera, head and eye movements, and drivetrain. And if you have a cat or dog, you’ll want to read about the awesome new trick Kuri can do.


Kuri’s New Pet Trick

Kuri now knows when there’s a dog or cat in view. This will lead to more adorable pictures and videos, and it allows Kuri to understand that a moving pet and moving person are different from each other. As you can see, the testing in our office for this feature has been doggedly exhausting.


Kuri Sees 20/20

The robo optometrist results are in — Kuri can see in HD. His remarkable 1080p HD camera is now fully complete and integrated, with a precision lens that allows him to get great pictures, videos, and even livestreaming; making it easier to stay connected to your family and your home.

A peek under the hood shows Kuri’s camera and circuitry

We knew that Kuri’s nearly magical ability to move around your home wasn’t quite enough to get all the best views, so we made sure he can look around too — just like we do. Kuri can rotate his head left and right, and tilt his head down and upwards, allowing a smooth range of motion that expands his total field of view.


Kuri’s Effortless Movements

We’re excited about this one: Kuri’s engineering team has made her drivetrain even more incredible than we originally planned. Instead of traditional drive wheels, Kuri uses a pair of powerful belt treads that provide amazing agility and precision. Kuri’s movements are now smoother and quieter, and she’s simultaneously got more traction than ever. Kuri glides from room to room; easily navigating over most rugs and thresholds.


Kuri’s Upcoming Desert Vacation

From July 7-10, Kuri is setting up a robot lounge at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA for Yes and Yes Yes — a summer retreat for anyone who considers themselves a thinker, maker, creator, nerd, or weirdo. Kuri won’t swim, but he’ll definitely be a part of the inspiration.

Check out what Kuri is getting into here.

Things are really heating up as we get closer and closer to the day when we start shipping Kuri. We have more updates in the works, stay tuned!

Let the good times roll!

– The Kuri Team