You’ve learned about some of the women behind Kuri at Mayfield Robotics, and now we invite you to get to know Brad Greer — Embedded/Electrical Engineer at Mayfield Robotics.

Having worked with Kuri from the start, Brad designs Kuri’s electronic hardware and software. As Kuri’s Embedded/Electrical Engineer, he makes sure there’s communication between Kuri’s “brain” and “body.” In particular, Brad is most proud of his development of the design of Kuri’s heart light. According to Brad, the Mayfield Robotics team, “always knew the chest light would be there [on Kuri] because we liked the changing color as a way to show changes in Kuri’s emotions. When we assembled our first Kuri prototype, we included this chest light feature. Over time, that light has been streamlined and made more striking for today’s production model.”

As a kid at his elementary school’s science fair, Brad built a cardboard home robot, so working with Kuri has been a dream come true. “I came from an industrial robotics company,” says Brad, “so having the ability to continue that trajectory of writing robotics software in this emerging industry was something that really appealed to me.” Plus, Mayfield Robotics encourages an atmosphere of collaborative learning — which Brad loves. “In robotics, everything is so tangled between software and hardware that you’re forced to work in both domains and learn new skills. With Kuri, I’ve enjoyed the ability to constantly learn new skills and collaborate with different teams,” says Brad.

Brad’s favorite part about Kuri is her eyes. According to Brad, “The fact that her eyes aren’t a screen — that they are actually mechanical — makes her feel more like the nostalgic robot you’d expect coming from your favorite movie. The eyes are what give Kuri her endearing personality.”

To get to know Brad better, we asked him to share one unexpected fact about himself. His answer? “My family and I moved to fourteen different places before I went to college. During fourth grade, in particular, my family and I moved to Bangkok, Thailand for a year and a half. It was a really interesting experience to stand out as much as I did; many people were fascinated with my red hair. It was also a unique experience to have flood days instead of snow days due to weather patterns in that area. To this day, I can still count to ten in Thai and say your basic hello and goodbyes. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

When Brad isn’t working with Kuri, you can find him spending time with his wife and two children, playing video games (No Man’s Sky is his game of the moment), and overall “Dad-ing” as he puts it.

Brad Greer with Kuri

Brad Greer with Kuri