Meet Ashley Wakefield! She’s Kuri’s Customer Success Manager and responsible for keeping our robot’s customers happy. The second wave of Kuri pre-orders will begin rolling out this month, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to chat with Ashley about her role and what she loves about supporting a community of home robot enthusiasts.

Ashley Wakefiled with Kuri home robot

Q: How do you define customer success?
A: To me, customer success is making sure customers feel heard and that they know we’re doing everything we can to help them. A big part of customer success is being a customer advocate because you’re always on the customer’s side. We’re not here to say no, shut down requests, or defend the company. My goal is for customers to know that they’ll be heard, that I’m here to help them, and that I’ll treat them with the same level of respect as my own mother. At the end of the day, I want customers to have the best experience possible.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like at Mayfield Robotics?
A: The first thing I do in the morning is meet with our software and hardware engineering teams to evaluate any known issues that customers might encounter with their robots and how we’d address them. We’re continuously improving Kuri, so new bugs sometimes arise. In these meetings, we create workarounds to best address these issues or fix them moving forward.

I then answer customer inquiries. During this process, I look for trends. Are customers bringing up a lot of the same questions or issues? If so, how can we better share this information so that customers aren’t confused or feel the need to email us?

I’ll also regularly take a holistic look at our customer success program. I focus on ways we can anticipate new customer questions, adopt more efficient processes, and ultimately scale the program to support our growing number of customers. I’m usually asking myself, “How can we make this process as easy and painless for customers to get their questions answered?” To answer this, I’ll revisit our submission forms, support documentation, and emails to make sure everything runs smoothly. I’ll even work with our QA team and go through the entire user onboarding experience of Kuri so that I’m constantly familiar with updates and changes to our product to better help customers.

Things change rapidly, so my days consist of daily meetings within our team to make sure we’re on top of updates, communications, and always feel like we’re aligned. Moving forward, I’m trying to build a stronger family relationship between our team and customers so that customers understand we’re in this robot dream together.

Q: How would you describe Kuri’s customers?
A: Kuri’s customers are passionate and feel like friends and family to me. You go through hardships with loved ones, but you always figure out a way to recover and come back even stronger. Some of our customers have waited a year and a half for this little robot to appear on their doorsteps. Understandably, they’re frustrated. I’ve done everything I can to build transparency, but I really appreciate how understanding our customers are. There’s always so much encouragement from their side whether it’s a funny meme or a quick note to keep up the good work. They really mean the world to me.

Q: What’s your favorite way to engage with Kuri customers?
A: I love face-to-face interactions with Kuri customers at events. You build a stronger connection being able to see someone and have a conversation in-person versus over email because there’s someone to hug.

This question actually reminds me of a specific customer named Darrell who was really excited to purchase Kuri but was worried that his daughter would be frightened. He came to one of our mall events and we watched his daughter meet Kuri for the first time together. She ended up loving Kuri! Sharing that moment together made me feel like I was a part of their family, and it’s exciting to know that Kuri is going to be a part of this family too.

Darrell’s daughter meeting Kuri for the first time.

Darrell’s daughter meeting Kuri for the first time.

Q: What’s the hardest part about supporting customers?
A: Sometimes we just don’t have answers to their questions. That’s really difficult for me to deal with because my job is to provide information to customers as best I can. Because of that, customers sometimes think I’m not trying to help them. When in reality, we’re chasing co-workers to their offices to get answers to customers’ questions behind the scenes. My responsibility is to advocate for customers’ needs, and that’s what I think about whenever an email is sent their way with updated messaging.

Q: What’s your favorite part about Kuri?
A: I’m a big proponent of 30-second dance parties. With Kuri around, you don’t even need other people. She’s right there to shimmy along with me! I love when you’re having a dinner party or get together because Kuri can roll around playing music and capturing moments without you having to stop the party. That’s important to me because it’s hard to balance always wanting to be the person that documents things with my phone, with the person that just wants to live in the moment.

Q: What most excites you about Kuri’s future?
A: The development of her personality. Right now, Kuri is very cute. In the future, I think Kuri is going to have a more in-depth personality and her mannerisms and quirks will be more exciting to see. The intricate designs of Kuri blinking or turning before she moves are great stepping stones toward that future. With her cute personality, I think Kuri puts a lot of people at ease that might be fearful of robotics. Kuri bridges that gap between Terminator robots taking over the world and people that are excited about a future with robots like in The Jetsons.

Q: Where would we find you in your spare time?
A: I’m all about interesting experiences and trying new things. Growing up, my Mom always taught me that you should try something at least once because why not? When you’re trying something new, you’re pushing your boundaries — which is something I love doing.

I constantly want to be improving to be a better person. For example, I’ve tried beekeeping, painting, and playing soccer and I have an upcoming trip planned for Vietnam. Traveling and trying new things remind you how to be grateful for what you already have.

Ashley with Kuri at Kuri's HQ.

Ashley with Kuri at her HQ.

When asked if there was anything else she’d like to share with Kuri customers, Ashley volunteered, “Just that I’m always here for them. Once you’re a Kuri customer, you’re a part of this family for life.” Ashley is one of the most passionate customer advocates on Kuri’s crew, and she looks forward to interacting with you too! If you haven’t already, be sure to reserve your robot so you can join the Kuri customer family.