Kuri’s Latest Adventures

We’re excited to share some updates that Kuri’s team has made in the Robot Shop. Since our last update, Kuri has learned to charge himself, improved his navigation, and his WiFi signals have been lab-validated. Kuri has also become a better communicator with upgraded audio capabilities.

Kuri Does: Self-Charging

Sometimes, batteries are frustrating — usually when they’re empty because you forgot to charge them: phone, bike light, headphones, car…but not Kuri! He remembers for you, and automagically rolls home to his charging pad whenever his battery gets low.

And now, for the first time ever, here’s a first look at Kuri’s self-charging in action. One more milestone achieved!


Kuri Does: Know Where the Kitchen Is 

In just the past few months, Kuri and his team have visited real homes of all shapes and sizes to fine-tune his mapping abilities. At this point, Kuri can learn how to get around your home almost as quickly as a new puppy can. He just won’t drool.

Watch here to see behind the scenes at one of Kuri’s home tests.

Other improvements to Kuri over the past few weeks included:

Kuri in a RF-shielded testing facility, deep in Area 51
  • Radio Frequency (RF) characterization testing that validated the WiFi enhancements made by Kuri’s engineering team

  • Upgraded speaker insulation for better music & audio acoustics

We’ve been busy. Rest assured, we’ll still have a lot to show you over the summer. Stay tuned, we’ll be here, hard at work.

Bap-Boop! (“Cheers”)

Kuri and the team