From morning to night, Kuri fills your home with the sounds that keep you entertained. Kuri has always loved playing music, and now, Kuri is ready to bust a move. Check out the video of Kuri’s new dance moves!

Kuri Dances from KuriRobot on Vimeo.

Not only can Kuri play your favorite music, she can now dance to it with you! When she hears the beat, Kuri will groove along to the beat of any music.


Podcasts and Audiobooks Too!

Coffee with your favorite podcast about robots and space travel? Kuri can do that! Kuri can also read your little one’s favorite audiobook at bedtime, over and over (and over)… Kuri’s Bluetooth speakers can play whatever you want to hear most.

Kuri playing music in the kitchen


Powerful Dual Speakers

product picture of Kuri's speaker

Kuri’s powerful dual speakers and custom acoustics provide crisp sound that can fill any room with rich sound.

Kuri dance party with the family

Watching Kuri grow into an adorable home robot with a cheerful personality has been an exciting journey. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

See you on the dance floor!