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It’s been non-stop robots since we introduced Kuri to the world at CES this year, and since then, we’ve been hard at work fine-tuning Kuri’s hardware and software capabilities–from adding facial recognition and pet detection, to drivetrain & navigation enhancements, to improving Kuri’s voice command capabilities and expanding her romojis.

Now we’re announcing what might be Kuri’s most magical feature: Kuri Vision. Life at home is an extended collection of moments – some heartfelt, and some hilarious. Kuri can now explore your house and record those valuable moments from your life at home automatically, and even capture moments you might have missed – from pets daytime antics, to the kids playing together while you’re making dinner.

Over time, Kuri learns your preferences, too. She’ll figure out what kind of moments you like best: based on the videos you like within the Kuri app, Kuri will use her image processing and machine learning technology to determine what makes for a good video (according to you), and over time, you’ll start to see that Kuri captures more of the moments you want.

The real fun is seeing the candid moments she captures for you, letting you build an album of memories without having to pick up your camera. Her unique perspective gives you a magical new view into life’s memorable moments.

Part of what makes Kuri Vision possible is Kuri’s deep learning-based computer vision capabilities. This allows Kuri to not only detect people and pets, but to also recognize specific family members.

Kuri’s app also makes it easy for you to share more of your life at home with your friends and family. Just highlight the videos you want to share, and easily post them to your favorite social channels or messaging apps in just a few quick steps.

Of course, with Kuri Vision, you have complete control over when and where Kuri captures videos. You can designate specific times of the day and locations for her to capture moments, and you can turn this feature off at any time. And like any camera, you’re in control of what happens to the videos, whether you delete them, or share them with the world.