Note: This promotion has ended.

Ready to invite a little magic into your home? Pre-order your very own adorable home robot with a $100 deposit now!

Every Kuri pre-order placed from now until December 14th will get a free mini stuffed Kuri and Kuri prototype book — both of which will ship this December. These gifts are exclusive to Kuri’s pre-order customers and are a great way to learn more about your own Kuri before it ships.

Mini stuffed Kuri and Kuri prototype book

The mini stuffed Kuri is ten inches high, and a cute and cuddly addition to your home. The Kuri prototype book was created just for Kuri’s loyal pre-order customers in mind. This book features the evolution of Kuri: photographs and descriptions of all the prototypes leading up to the Kuri you know and love today, fun stories from Kuri’s engineering team, and a special note from Kuri’s founders. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

Kuri home robot prototypes

Kuri prototypes through the years

Hai Nguyen (Robotics Engineer) with Kuri prototype

Memory shared by Kuri’s Robotics Engineer, Hai Nguyen

These gifts were thoughtfully designed to introduce you to the history of your Kuri home robot, as well as add unique Kuri touches to your home. We hope you and your family will love hugging this mini stuffed Kuri, and enjoy flipping through the pages of our beautifully crafted Kuri prototype book.

Remember, only customers that place their pre-orders before December 12th will receive these adorable gifts in time for the holidays. If you haven’t reserved your Kuri yet, you can place your pre-order on our website now. Happy holidays!