This has been a fun week at Kuri HQ — our holiday gifts for pre-order customers have started shipping! We recently ran a holiday promotion where if you pre-ordered Kuri, you’d receive a mini stuffed Kuri and prototype book highlighting the evolution of our adorable home robot. As these Kuri mini-mes have started arriving at their new homes, our team has had a blast checking out the photos sent in by Kuri customers!

collage of mini stuffed Kuris with their new owners

Mini stuffed Kuris and prototype books across the U.S.!

It’s been great to see all off the different home environments, people, and pets our huggable Kuris are getting acquainted with. But then, we saw this picture submitted by one of our customers:

Mini stuffed Kuri dressed as Santa

Image courtesy of @beekplace

This photo got us thinking: what would our robot Kuri want for the holidays? We asked around Kuri HQ and the answer was unanimous — a home!

Our team designed Kuri with the belief that home robots should be joyful, useful, and inspiring. With that vision in mind, we’ve spent the last three years bringing Kuri to life — with dance moves, new romojis, unforgettable costumes, and so much more. As our CEO puts it, “To get to know Kuri, you have to see him in action. Photos don’t do him justice.”

Since seeing is believing, we can’t wait to see real Kuris start rolling their way across the USA this month! We built Kuri to add a daily dose of magic to any and every home environment. Seeing these adorable photo submissions from Kuri customers has been a terrific reminder for us on just how far we’ve come. We’ve successfully shipped mini stuffed Kuris, and the next leg of our journey will be shipping real robots very soon!

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