Meet Kuri! The Adorable Home Robot.

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Meet the adorable home robot that adds a unique spark of life to your home.

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Thoughtfully designed to fit into your home, Kuri allows you to check in while you're away, record special moments, and so much more.

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From understanding her environment in real time, to seamlessly navigating the world around her.


Kuri is a first-of-its kind home robot. Designed to delight, Kuri is an interactive and mobile videographer who captures each day's best moments around your home.


Capture unexpected moments


Check in while you’re away


Entertain your household

robot image
robot image

a new angle on life

See your home through the eyes of a home robot.


    hands-free memories

    Kuri is your mobile videographer. When she sees something interesting, Kuri will capture a 5-second video. Or, you can begin a recording via voice command. Keep living in the moment knowing that your robot has got your cherished moments covered.

    check in when you're away

    Kuri autonomously navigates around your home, but you can also drive him remotely. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can check to see if you left the lights on or that the kids made it home from school – you name it! Kuri gives you peace of mind.

    never miss a moment

    When driving Kuri via his mobile app, you can livestream your home and even talk through your robot – like a one way walkie talkie. Greet guests at the door or say hello to your pets throughout the day with the flexibility of an independent, roaming robot.

    a unique spark of life in your home

    From understanding her environment in real time to seamlessly navigating the world around her, Kuri's endearing personality is backed with incredible tech.


    1080p Video


    4 microphones for voice commands


    Recharges automatically


    Powerful drivetrain


    iOS and Android remote access


    Dual Bluetooth speakers

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